erica meade

my work

art marketplace concept

Animated concept for the art marketplace

low-fidelity concepts

sketches from a range of projects

concept sketching

digital invitations - early prototype

Preliminary prototype

“kitten” page system

Example documentation for the “kitten page”

Plans for mobile optimization of existing “kitten page” modules

organizing likes on StumbleUpon

Exploratory sketches for an early (abandoned) concept for Lists

Wireframes for Lists

I have been designing/leading the design of user experiences for over 11 years now, so I have a lot more projects I can share. Additionally, these work samples show a tiny snapshot of my design process. For the sake of brevity (and confidentiality) I have omitted many of the insights, constraints, failed concepts and results of these projects. I find those details to be more interesting than the actual solutions, so I've developed some case studies that I am happy to share in person.

Contact me at if you'd like to see additional projects or case studies.